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Hard Floor Services


Floors are constantly used and attract dirt from shoe soles, spilled drinks and food. The dirt and grime build up doesn’t go away with regular mopping. Over time, it is ingrained into the floor.

The right type of maintenance is essential in keeping floors looking new and clean. Regular maintenance will enhance the performance of the floor and will prolong its lifetime. We have a variety of flooring services:


Does your floor look dull, stained or soiled? We have been making floors look like new for nearly 30 years. Our professionally trained technicians will strip, wax and seal your flooring back to life.

FLOOR Buffing

Buffing hardwood floors is a simple process of using a fine grit of sandpaper loosening up the top layer. This removes surface scratches and dirt. 

Buffing does not eliminate deep scratches, gouges or stains. Once these deep things penetrate below the surface layer, the floors will require a full sanding.

Power Washing

Whether commercial or residential property, we can deliver exceptional cleaning to all exterior surfaces. Our techniques involve a high pressure stream of water combined with targeted, environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Surface debris and stains are removed.


Cleaning tile and grout by hand can be a daunting task. It can be messy, tedious, uncomfortable and near impossible to achieve the results you want on your own. Our professionally trained technicians can restore the life and luster to your tile and grout and make it look like new again.